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Social events



Social events

Sunday tour to Kiambethu Tea Farm (Sunday 22nd October) (not included in the conference fee)
Only 40km north of the heart of Nairobi, the smell of car fume and human noise will be replaced by a world of green tea plantations and an unrecognizable scent of fresh green tea will hit you. Out on the miles long plantations your eyes will meet a sight of tiny almost invisible people, who walks the small trails and picks the fresh tea leave. Read more here!

Monday tour to Karen Blixen’s Gardens, Kazuri and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage for elephants (Monday 23rd October)

One of our most important programmes is the visit to the farm of Karen Blixen where the story of “Out of Africa” was lived and later written. Karen Blixen was a Danish author, who lived in Nairobi and ran a coffee farm there. Here we will serve a hot lunch in the beautiful Karen Blixen Garden and make sure our delegates get touched by the rare emotional insight of the spirit of Karen Blixen and the Danish atmosphere.

Afterwards we will take you on a tour to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage for elephants. The trip will assure that all of our delegates can get closer to the Kenyan lifestyle and experience how the Kenyan people are taking care of their surroundings, culture, wildlife and endangered species.

Our final tour will take you to the Kazuri people whose mission is to “provide and sustain employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of the Kenyan society”. They cooperate and work with disadvantaged people such as disabled people, divorced, single mothers etc. This is a project which has created a foundation for those people. Moreover, it has also managed convert their jewellery into an exported and internationally recognized brand.

Monday Welcome Reception at Radisson Blu Nairobi (Monday 23rd October)

More information to be announced.

Tusker Night at Radisson Blu Nairobi (Tuesday 24th October)

More information to be announced.

Gala Dinner at Radisson Blu Nairobi (Wednesday 25th October)

More information to be announced.


Spouse tours

Wondering how you shall use your spare time while your partner is participating in the conference?

Tour to the Wildlife Reserve of Kenya (Crescent Island) (Tuesday 24th October)

You could join a magical trip to the top choice wildlife reserve of Kenya. For further information including price and how to sign up, please go to registration and sign-up.

Tour to the Nairobi National Park and Kitengela Glass (Wednesday 25th October)

Or you can join an adventure, where you both experience the wildlife of Kenya in Nairobi National Park and get the opportunity to see the amazing glass art at Kitengela Glass. For further information including price and how to sign up, please go to registration and sign-up.