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The academic tracks

“Reach the unreached – touch the untouched”

The theme for the 2017 European Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education (EuroCHRIE) annual research conference is chosen to symbolise the unexploited potential that the hospitality and tourism industry contains. It invites delegates to explore our broadening base of member countries, to build bridges, and start developing, or strengthening international collaboration in the EuroChrie family. Furthermore, we aim to inspire delegates to explore a different take on hospitality, a new cultural context, new methodologies for doing research, and new research topics.

As the hospitality industry is increasingly rich in contexts and perspectives, we offer different tracks that touch on different research perspectives on the hospitality and tourism industry at all levels; Individual, Team, Organisational, Industry, National, and International. This includes generic areas, such as management/leadership, CSR/CSV, economy/finance and business model innovation. Furthermore, the theme relates to the core activities of academic institutions – education and learning – as well as innovative research methods.

To live up to the conference theme and intentions and to support the development of hospitality and tourism perspectives in new contexts in industry, academia and geographically, the EuroCHRIE 2017 conference will invite paper and poster contributions as well as symposia to the following tracks:

The first track is on the individual level; it considers service delivery, discussing new approaches, and the effect of cross-cultural differences and various contexts on required services.

The second track focuses on teamwork. How do teams work together in the hospitality industry, how to bridge the gaps between departments? How to manage diversity and multicultural topics in teams?

The third track is aimed at organisations in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hospitality and tourism research enjoys an increasing awareness in generic areas, such as management/leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Values, economy/finance, business model innovation and vertical channel integration or diversification. Furthermore, this track includes context blurring concepts and game changers, and hospitality in non-traditional hospitality contexts, such as healthcare, retail, and even the finance and oil/chemical industries.

In the fourth track we welcome contributions at national and international level, the impacts of political, cultural and social context of hospitality and tourism, including the origin and effect of cultural differences, and issues in relation to legislation. Furthermore, presentations on bottom-up developmental approaches are welcomed.

Teaching, learning and assessment in hospitality and tourism education form the fifth track. This track offers you the opportunity to present new teaching contexts and methods. Topics may be e.g. design-driven education or blended learning, but also student mobility and global curricula.

The sixth track explores innovative research perspectives in hospitality and tourism education and research that go beyond interviews and surveys: his track may cover divers techniques such as ethnography, design thinking, big data and any other technique that uncovers data regarding hospitality and tourism.

Review process

All contributions will be subject to a blind review by two peers.


– Send brief for symposium topic: To be announced.

– Upload deadline submission (paper, poster presentation, symposium proposal) via Easychair: Between 1st December 2016 and 17th March 2017

– Review deadline: 8th May

– Upload deadline for final (edited) conference papers, posters (extended abstract), and symposium papers in Easychair: 26th June 2017.

– For inquiries please contact the scientific committee (

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