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The social responsible approach


We have intentionally chosen to take corporate social responsibility (CSR) into consideration throughout the planning and execution of the conference. It is very important for the future of Kenya, Africa and the world that it is implemented in high developing countries from the start of growth. Because of the fast growth in Kenya it is crucial for companies to be aware of the factors which could harm the local nature, wildlife and tourism sector. Below you can ready about the aspects we have chosen to focus on.

The most significant parameter is the environment and to minimise our contribution to the pollution in Nairobi. The delegates will be picked up from the airport by our own buses instead of each person or little group of people having to take a taxi. Thereby, we do our bit to decrease the traffic in the city centre.

In order, to protect the environment we have chosen to move a lot of the normally printed material to online platforms which will be available for two years, limiting the printed material. This is also why the promotional material during the conference will mostly be available on the website, online platforms and orally. The only exception will be the handmade folder by local people and the conference customized paper block, which has also been made locally.

We have chosen to use local organisations and companies as much as possible. Local companies, organisations or initiatives are producing conference items including key hangers, programme folders, conference maps, etc. One of these private initiatives is going to create the uniforms. The project is placed in Kibera (one of the biggest slums in the world), where mothers are producing clothes to improve the family’s standard of living – including the children’s possibility to go to school.

Another example which also combines two of our CSR strategies is the bus company which is owned and run by a former Strathmore University student. Last but not least we have hired different groups of people from the slums to provide the entertainment during the conference.

To protect the environment we have a huge focus on the social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This had a great effect on our sponsors whom we could not have done this without. Social media post are included in all the sponsorship agreements and the level of promotion will be based on the chosen sponsorship. See the individual sponsorship.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to increase brand awareness with key industry decision makers; rekindle and build new business relationships and interact with industry leaders and researchers. The EuroCHRIE 2017 conference will be widely promoted throughout Europe, The Middle East, Australia, North America, Oceania, Asia and of course Africa. It will start from the day when the EuroCHRIE conference is over  in Budapest.

Students from all three universities have been involved throughout the entire process. From research and creating the bid, to creating the social media plan, planning the conference and will be included in the conference itself, e.g. getting the hotel rooms ready, picking delegates up from the airport and attending the conferences, various events.